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Handle Assembly

A09 Handset

Briefly describe:

It can be used in kind of industrial telephone set such as explosionproof telephone set noise-canceling,jail phone telephone kiosk and telecom equipments

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Main features:

1.Handle handset shell using a special PC / ABS engineering plastic; 
2.The surface of handle handset is made of matte surface, look beautiful, durable, feel comfortable. 
3.Integrated structure, sealing, flame retardant. Withstand the percussion is not broken, twisted pull no distortion, no burst at minus 40 degrees. 
4.Metal armoured cord use imported 304 stainless steel, has a strong tensile strength.
5.Built-in high strength tensile steel cables, handle tensile strength ≥250Kg. (Spring wire optional) 
6.Use anti-puncture, hifi transmitter and receiver to ensure the transmission characteristics matching the phone call, in line with requirements of 4.2 GB / T15279-2002's. 
7.Can be matched with the base/cradle C01.C03.C06.

8.The same shape as A01, the difference is the handle handset longer than A01.

Technical parameters:

Packing information:

Conditions of Use: 
1.Ambient temperature: -30 ~ + 50 ℃ Relative Humidity: 10% ~ 95% 
2.Atmospheric pressure: 80 ~ 110 kPa 
Environmental Noise: ≤60dB 
3.Operating Frequency: 300 ~ 3400 Hz

Transfer characteristics: 
1.Sending loudness rating (SLR): 5 ~ 15 dB 
2.Receiving loudness rating (RLR): - 7 ~ 2 dB 
3.Sidetone masking assessed value (STMR): ≥ 7 dB

Garton size
430*390*380 mm

User Selects

1.Any handle design has a basic configuration, but can also be selected as follows; 
2.Color plastic shell: red, blue, black; but also can be customized 
3.Plastic shell color: light or matte; 
4.Metal armoured cord can be increased or decreased with the length of 900mm, this is our general one, diameter also have some options: φ8.4, φ7.8, φ6.5; 
5.Connectors can be referred to connectors series; 
6.Handle can be mounted inside the magnet or reed switch;

7.Jacket can be referred to jacket series,also can be customized

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